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Social Infrastructure

The Puerto Rico Public-Private Partnerships Authority (the “Authority”) along with the Juvenile Institutions Administration (the “JIA”) is getting under way a partnership, known as the ‘Nuevo Comienzo’ partnership (New Beginnings in english).  This partnership consists of the development of a new social treatment complex for 600 youngsters (the “Partnership”).  This Partnership will be distinguished by its social benefits but also by its procurement method which will be by a Public-Private Partnership.

The Partnership contemplates a procurement in which the private consortium will deliver an institution thru a design, build, finance and maintenance (“DBFM”) contract. The proposed Partnership could provide estimated savings of approximately $4.1 million annually.

The Partnership arises from the following needs of JIA:

  • Need to enhance infrastructure conditions and establish a contract systematic maintenance with performance-based-metrics that provides enhanced infrastructure;
  • Need to continue making progress towards full compliance with civil cases applicable to juvenile correctional system;
  • Need best-practice and high-standard detention and treatment accommodations that comply with the American Correctional Association guidelines (“ACA”);
  • Need to continue strengthening the rehabilitation and social treatment programs for the juvenile population in Puerto Rico; and
  • Need to address facility fragmentation in the correctional system and achieve savings.

The general goals for the Partnership can be summarized as follows:

  • Develop a new social treatment complex with a robust long-term maintenance program with performance metrics;
  • Provide best-practices and high standard custodial accommodations that will strengthen rehabilitation services;
  • Fully meet stipulations of any federal civil case related to the construction of new juvenile correctional facilities; and
  • Address the fragmentation of facilities in the juvenile system and achieve average annual savings estimated at $4.1 million during the life of the concession.

Advisory Team

The Government Advisory Team for this procurement is:

  • Technical Advisor: CPM (Caribbean Project Management)
  • Financial Advisor: Advantage Business Consulting
  • Local Design Advisor: Marques + Marques
  • US-based Advisor: SMRT
  • Local Legal Counsel: Pietrantoni, Mendez & Alvarez
  • Specialized Legal Counsel (Canada): Aird & Berlis
  • Local Legal Counsel Construction and Correctional Systems: Cancio, Nadal, Rivera & Diaz